Noda Enterprises Ltd.

Information and History

Alternate names:
  • Noda Enterprises Ltd.
Location(s) (based on BIP Registry and Contract Reports):
Address(es) (based on BIP Registry):
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Published Contracts

Summary of Total Published Contracts
Type # of Contracts Value of Contracts
Competitive Contracts (Published in Contracts Over $5k Reports) 0 -
Contracts under Exisiting Standing Offer Agreement 0 -
Sole Source Contracts 0 -
Negotiated Contracts 0 -

Bid Summary

Summary of Bids on SOAs/RFPs/RFTs (Posted to Contract Registry)
Type # of Bids # of Successful Bids Value of Successful Bids
Standing Offer Agreements (SOA) 0 0 -
Requests for Proposals (RFP) 2 1 $43,754.00
Tenders (RFT) 0 0 -
Request for Qualification (RFQ) 0 0 -
Totals 2 1 $43,754.00

Bids Published on Contract Reporting Website
Fiscal Year Procurement Status Bid or Contract Price
2015-16 Custodial Campground & Maintenance Services - Lady Evelyn Falls Park and Kakisa (SC447558) Successful $43,754.00
2014-15 Campground Operator - Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Campground and Kakisa River (PM014839) -

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