Records: 47


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Status
0000002665 INF Supply & Install Barrier Free Access Entry Hay River Sep 20th Open
0000002680 NWTHC 18-19 M&I Repair - Unit 161 - Supply, Ship & Erect Sep 24th Open
0000002664 INF Repair Concrete Slab at Hay River RCMP Detachment Hay River Sep 24th Updated
0000002617 INF Infrastructure Boat Shop Demolition, Hay River Hay River Sep 25th Open
0000002642 INF MacLean Bay Communication Tower Sep 25th Open
0000002626 INF NSCC Zone II Infrastructure Renewal Yellowknife Sep 25th Updated
0000002682 INF YZF CSB Wood Pellet Boiler Optimization Yellowknife Sep 25th Updated
0000002648 INF YK Daycare Abatement and Demolition Yellowknife Sep 26th Open
0000002628 MACA Nahanni Butte WTP Refurbishment Nahanni Butte Sep 27th Updated
0000002678 INF WARC - Construct Office and Work Stations Fit-up Inuvik Sep 27th Open
0000002690 NWTHC 2018-19 Preventative Maintenance - SSE Fort Liard Oct 10th Open
0000002683 NWTHC 2018-19 Two Duplex Retrofit - SSE Fort Simpson Oct 10th Open
0000002661 INF YZF HBS Recapitalization Yellowknife Oct 11th Open
0000002618 INF Gunghi Creek Culvert Replacement Tuktoyaktuk Oct 22nd Updated


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Status
0000002656 ENR Propane Powered Forklift Fort Smith Sep 19th Open
0000002655 ENR Hydrogen Generator Yellowknife Sep 20th Updated
SOA18074 STHA Welch Allyn Consumable Examination Supplies Yellowknife Sep 21st Updated
0000002659 ENR Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries "AA" Purchase Fort Smith Sep 24th Updated
0000002657 ENR Supply & Deliver - Fire Hose & Couplings Fort Smith Sep 24th Open
0000002667 INF Cardlock and/or Gas Station Pump Service Ft. Smith Fort Smith Sep 26th Open
0000002681 INF HPE Server Hardware All Communities Sep 26th Open
0000002679 INF HPE Synergy Frame Upgrade All Communities Sep 26th Open
0000002663 INF Supply One (1) New Tandem Rear Wheel Motor Grader Enterprise Sep 26th Updated
0000002640 INF Supply Winter Sand Material Dettah, Yellowknife Sep 26th Open
0000002684 ENR Half Ton 4x4 Four Door Truck Fort Smith Oct 1st Open
0000002691 ENR Half Ton 4x4 Four Door Truck Inuvik Oct 1st Updated
0000002700 ENR Supply & Deliver - Safety Boots Fort Smith Oct 2nd Open


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Status
0000002635 ENR Tank Decommissioning Fort Resolution, Inuvik, Norman Wells Sep 20th Updated
0000002638 ITI Canol Trail Emergency Shelter Construction Norman Wells Sep 21st Updated
0000002666 LANDS Regional Planning Process Yellowknife Sep 25th Updated
0000002675 ENR Water Quality Modelling - Diavik All Communities Sep 25th Open
0000002668 ENR NWT CBM Program Reengagement All Communities Sep 26th Open
0000002482 FIN NTHSSA FSCM 9.2 Migration Yellowknife Sep 27th Updated
0000002654 MACA NWT Sport, Physical Activity& Recreation Framework All Communities Sep 27th Updated
0000002587 MACA Public Alerting Solution All Communities Sep 27th Open
0000002632 ECE Web-based Behavior Management Support Tools All Communities Sep 27th Open
0000002650 JUS Deputy Rental Officer Yellowknife Oct 1st Open
PM2018002 FSHSSA RFP - Trailcross Treatment Centre Fort Smith Oct 1st Updated
0000002670 INF Commercial Airfare Yellowknife to Southern Canada All Communities Oct 4th Open
0000002660 MACA Lutselk'e Sewage Lagoon Upgrade Lutsel K'e Oct 4th Updated
0000002636 NWTHC Public Housing Program Review All Communities Oct 4th Updated
0000002694 EXEC Campaign School Curriculum Development Yellowknife Oct 9th Open
0000002676 INF Fuel Sales, Dispensing, Delivery, Whati Oct 11th Open
0000002687 LEG Actuarial, Pension, and Investment Consutling Svs Yellowknife Oct 15th Open
0000002562 ITI EOI: NTNP Financial Verification Service Provider Yellowknife Oct 15th Open
0000002421 INF DRIVES System Update & Support All Communities Oct 25th Open

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