Records: 111


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000003202 NWTHC 2019-20 Public Housing Repairs - SSE Fort Simpson May 24th
0000003274 NWTHC SS&E Remove & Replace Roof Membrane, Fort Smtih Fort Smith May 23rd Yes
0000003171 INF Foundation Remediation and Envelope Upgrade-Inuvik Inuvik May 16th Yes
0000003247 HSS Stanton Medical Centre Tenant Improvement Yellowknife May 16th Yes
0000002974 INF Blackwater River Bridge Repairs Tulita, Wrigley May 7th Yes
0000003237 ECE ECE Service Center Renovation Hay River May 7th Yes
0000003234 INF Culvert Erosion Remediation Fort Simpson May 3rd Yes
0000003172 INF Runway 13-31 Surface Stabilization, YWE Wekweètì Apr 30th Yes
0000003179 INF Tulita Health Centre RFQ Tulita Apr 30th Yes
0000003194 NWTHC M&I REPAIR - UNIT 675 A&B - SSE Behchokö Apr 17th Yes
0000003196 NWTHC M&I REPAIR - UNIT 677 B - SSE Behchokö Apr 17th Yes
0000003116 INF Single Asphaltic Surface Treatment Overlay Enterprise, Fort Providence, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Hay River Apr 16th Yes
SC19025 STHA Covered Tunnel Structure Yellowknife Apr 11th Yes
0000003159 INF Remediate/Demolish - RCMP G109 Residence Fort Resolution Apr 10th Yes
0000003148 NWTHC Demolition - Fort Resolution Fort Resolution Mar 28th Yes
0000003039 INF Trout River & Jean Marie Creek Bridge Rehab Fort Simpson, Jean Marie River, Sambaa K'e Mar 28th Yes
0000003111 INF Day Use Kitchen Shelter Upgrades, Q. E. Terr. Park Fort Smith Mar 27th Yes
0000003100 INF Restore Carpenter Shop - Mission Park Fort Smith Mar 27th Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000003273 INF Commvault Licenses All Communities May 22nd Yes
0000003233 ITI Supply Materials for Emergency Shelters Norman Wells May 22nd Yes
SOA19060 STHA Waste Cans Yellowknife May 21st
AC3231 AURO Desktop Computer-Small Form Factor Yellowknife May 6th
AC2019-13 AURO AC2019-13 Convertible Lecture-Computer Desks Yellowknife May 1st
AC2019-09 AURO DCS UV PRINTER Direct Jet Inuvik Apr 23rd
AC2019-10 AURO EPILOG MINI LASER ENGRAVER  AC2019-10 Inuvik Apr 23rd
GP19046 STHA Wheelchair Accessible Van Norman Wells Apr 18th Yes
GP19047 STHA Wheelchair Accessible Van Inuvik Apr 18th Yes
GP19048 STHA Wheelchair Accessible Van Hay River Apr 18th Yes
GP19049 STHA Wheelchair Accessible Van Fort Smith Apr 18th Yes
GP19054 STHA Wheelchair Accessible Van Yellowknife Apr 18th Yes
GP19044 STHA Wheelchair Accessible Vans Fort Simpson Apr 18th Yes
SOA19057 STHA Contrast Media Solution Yellowknife Apr 17th Yes
0000003161 INF Incident Response Standby Modular Structure Fort Liard Apr 10th Yes
AC201-06 AURO Classroom Furniture Fort Smith Apr 4th
AC201-05 AURO Student Residence Furniture Fort Smith Apr 4th
SOA19004 STHA Stellant and Supplies Pricing Agreement Yellowknife Apr 2nd Yes
LS19017 STHA Work Assist Vehicle Lease Yellowknife Apr 2nd Yes
SOA19041 STHA Needles & Syringes Yellowknife Mar 28th
ACR21904 AURO ACR219-04 AUTO TENDER Fort Smith Mar 27th Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000003243 ENR 2019-2021 National Forest Inventory Remeasurement Deline, Fort Liard, Fort Simpson, Nahanni Butte, Norman Wells, Tulita, Wrigley May 24th Yes
0000003037 LANDS Southeastern NWT Scientific Research Inventory All Communities May 24th Yes
0000003267 EXEC Air Charter - June 13 Yellowknife to Dawson City Yellowknife May 23rd Yes
0000003229 ENR Forest Management Technical Support - Inventory Hay River Reserve May 23rd Yes
0000003240 ENR Forest Management Technical Support - Planning Hay River Reserve May 23rd Yes
0000003271 INF SOA Heavy Duty Mechanical Services Hay River Hay River May 23rd Yes
0000003246 ENR Knowledge Economy Feasibility All Communities May 22nd Yes
0000003270 INF SOA EMD Marine Engine Technicians Hay River May 22nd Yes
0000003254 MACA Course Instruction: Rec Facilities Program Fort Simpson, Hay River May 21st Yes
0000003253 MACA Courses Instruction: Management Online Program All Communities May 21st Yes
0000003260 INF Fuel Tank Cleaning Services All Communities May 17th Yes
0000003257 JUS Multifunction Photocopier Legislation Division Yellowknife May 17th Yes
0000003221 ITI Nitainlaii Territorial Park O&M Inuvik May 17th Yes
0000003120 INF Office and Program Space Accommodation Hay River May 17th Yes
0000003220 ITI Happy Valley Territorial Park O&M Inuvik May 16th Yes
0000003222 FIN Support, Maintenance and Implementation All Communities May 16th
0000003230 INF Paulatuk Fuel Facilities Planning Study Paulatuk May 15th Yes
19020 STHA Professional Neuropsychological FASD Services Yellowknife May 15th
0000003259 INF Specialized Generator Maintenance & Repair Service Yellowknife May 14th Yes
0000002977 ECE Catering - Education Leadership Program Fort Smith May 13th Yes
0000003218 ITI JA'K Territorial Park O&M Inuvik May 13th Yes
0000003238 MACA Course Instruction Community Finance Program Fort Simpson, Inuvik, Yellowknife May 10th Yes
0000003239 MACA Course Instruction: Infrastructure Skills Prog. Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Inuvik, Yellowknife May 10th Yes
0000003227 INF Geochemical Support - Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk May 10th Yes
0000003232 INF YZF Runway 16-34 QA Services Yellowknife May 8th Yes
0000003195 INF École J.H. Sissons School Replacement Yellowknife May 7th Yes
0000003192 INF École William McDonald School - Roof Design Yellowknife May 6th Yes
0000003207 ENR ILC - Data and Application Updates Yellowknife May 3rd Yes
0000003208 ENR NWT Landscape Change Detection Pilot Study Yellowknife May 3rd Yes
0000003216 INF Janitorial Services - RCMP Fort McPherson Fort McPherson Apr 30th
0000003248 JUS Air charter - Inuvik,Ulukhaktok & Aklavik Inuvik Apr 26th Yes
0000003212 ITI Air Charter on Floats All Communities Apr 26th Yes
0000003245 JUS Air Charter: Sahtu Court Circuit Yellowknife Apr 25th Yes
0000003198 ENR Fuel Bowser Truck with Operator and JETA1 fuel Fort Simpson Apr 25th Yes
0000003127 INF Janitorial Services - New Government Building Yellowknife Apr 25th Yes
0000003150 INF A/E Design Services for Moose Kerr School -Aklavik Aklavik Apr 24th Yes
0000003089 HSS A/E Design Services- Inuvik & Hay River Facilities Hay River, Inuvik Apr 24th Yes
SOA19055 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Fort Simpson Fort Simpson Apr 24th Yes
SOA19056 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Jean Marie River Jean Marie River Apr 24th Yes
0000003153 INF Supply and Application of Calcium Chloride 2019 All Communities Apr 24th
0000003203 INF Climate Lens for Fort Good Hope Solar Renewables Fort Good Hope Apr 23rd Yes
0000003125 INF Janitorial Services - GNWT Data Centre Yellowknife Apr 23rd Yes
0000003126 INF Janitorial Services - GNWT Warehouse Yellowknife Apr 23rd Yes
0000003200 INF Snare Forks Powerhouse Turbine and Generator Yellowknife Apr 23rd Yes
0000003190 INF A/E Design Services - Utilidette Upgrade, Inuvik Inuvik Apr 18th Yes
0000002993 JUS NWT Legal Aid Commission Brydges Duty Counsel Serv All Communities Apr 18th Yes
0000003104 INF Owner's Engineer for Gunghi Creek Construction Tuktoyaktuk Apr 18th Yes
0000003183 INF Concrete Deck Rehabilitation, Frank Channel Bridge Apr 17th Yes
SC19058 STHA Troubleshooting and Testing of Sterilization Equip Yellowknife Apr 17th Yes
0000003177 ITI Fort Providence Territorial Park O&M Fort Providence Apr 12th Yes
SOA19026 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Fort Resolution Fort Resolution Apr 12th Yes
SOA19027 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Nahanni Butte Nahanni Butte Apr 12th
SOA19029 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Tsiigehtchic Tsiigehtchic Apr 12th Yes
SOA19030 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Tulita Tulita Apr 12th Yes
SOA19031 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Wrigley Wrigley Apr 12th Yes
SOA19028 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Yellowknife Yellowknife Apr 12th
0000003178 ITI Lady Evelyn Territorial Park O&M Fort Providence, Kakisa Apr 12th Yes
0000003174 ITI 60th Parallel Territorial Park O & M Enterprise Apr 11th Yes
0000003175 ITI Twin Falls Territorial Park O&M Enterprise Apr 11th Yes
0000003176 ITI Hay River Territorial Park O&M Hay River Apr 10th Yes
0000003170 ITI Ingraham Trail Parks Sanitary & Grounds Maintenanc Yellowknife Apr 10th Yes
0000003078 NWTHC YK Sisson Court - District Heating System Yellowknife Apr 10th Yes
0000003069 FIN Program Monitoring, Evaluation and Design SSA Yellowknife Apr 5th
0000003163 LEG Mace Tour April 29 - 30, 2019 Inuvik Apr 3rd
SC19050 STHA Nurse Call System Yellowknife Apr 2nd Yes
SC19001 STHA Sysmex CA 1500 Coagulation Analyzer Yellowknife Apr 2nd Yes
SC19035 STHA Vitros 350 Chemistry Systems Service Agreement Yellowknife Apr 2nd Yes
SC19036 STHA Vitros 350 Chemistry Systems Service Agreement Yellowknife Apr 2nd Yes
SC19034 STHA Vitros 5600 Chemistry Systems Service Agreement Yellowknife Apr 2nd Yes
0000002972 LEG LA Janitorial & Plaza Snow Removal Services Yellowknife Apr 1st Yes
0000003045 FIN Pre-Qualification Screening - Cannabis stores Inuvik Mar 26th

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