Records: 59


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002303 INF Aurora College Flooring Replacement Fort Smith May 23rd Yes
0000002242 INF Highway Maintenance - Fort Simpson Region Fort Simpson May 17th Yes
0000002294 INF New A/C System for RCMP Detachement Fort Simpson May 17th Yes
0000002278 NWTHC Supply Ship Erect 2 BR Duplex Ft. Providence Fort Providence May 17th Yes
0000002255 NWTHC Supply Ship Erect Three Modular Duplexes Hay River May 17th Yes
0000002238 INF Biomass Heating System at Inuvik Regional Hospital Inuvik May 10th Yes
0000002281 NWTHC Demolition Burned Warehouse Fort Providence May 10th
0000002290 NWTHC Exterior Retrofit; Siding, Insulation, ETC Hay River May 10th Yes
0000002256 NWTHC 2 Br Duplex Labour Some Material Ft. Resolution Fort Resolution May 8th Yes
0000002249 INF A/E Services - Fish Processing Plant Hay River May 7th Yes
0000002221 INF Yellowknife Airport - CATSA Pre-board screening Yellowknife Apr 19th Yes
0000002219 INF YK Courthouse 1 Renovation Yellowknife Apr 19th
0000002232 INF Jean Wetrade School New Junior Kindergarten WR Gametì Apr 18th Yes
0000002201 INF 3500MT DWT Double Hulled Oil Barges Hay River Apr 16th
0000002177 NWTHC Two 2-Bedroom Duplexes SSE Fort McPherson Apr 12th Yes
0000002160 NWTHC 2 Bedroom Duplex in Tulita Tulita Mar 29th Yes
0000002224 ITI Campground Shower Building Renovations Fort Simpson Mar 29th Yes
0000002166 NWTHC Pathways Fourplex in Aklavik Aklavik Mar 29th Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002309 INF Graco Roadlazer RoadPak HD Yellowknife May 24th Yes
0000002207 INF Office Space Accommodation Fort McPherson May 24th
0000002273 JUS Kitchen Equipment Yellowknife May 16th Yes
0000002289 INF Chassis Cab - Medium Class 4 Dually Yellowknife May 9th
AC0409 AURO AC0409 Student Residence Furniture Fort Smith Apr 30th
AC0410 AURO AC0410 Student Service Vehicle Fort Smith Apr 27th
0000002252 FIN Oracle Database Appliance Hardware Yellowknife Apr 18th Yes
AC2662 AURO AC2662 Norman Wells Apr 5th
AC2764 AURO Furniture & Assessories Fort Smith Apr 5th
AC2761 AURO SMART Boards & Televisions Fort Smith Apr 5th


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
SC18011 STHA Digital Mailing System Solution Yellowknife May 25th
0000002310 JUS Multifunction Colour Photocopier Yellowknife May 25th
0000002307 INF Helicopter Charter - Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Inuvik May 24th
0000002317 ITI Air Charter - Twin Otter Aircraft on Floats All Communities May 23rd
0000002300 ENR Heavy Equipment and Forestry Equipment All Communities May 23rd Yes
0000002261 MACA Curriculum Development CRLC Program Fort Smith, Hay River, Inuvik May 17th Yes
0000002269 INF Security Patrol Services Yellowknife May 17th Yes
0000002264 MACA Course Instruction - CF&MP Fort Simpson, Yellowknife May 14th Yes
0000002254 HSS interRAI information System RFI Yellowknife May 14th
0000002275 HSS Midwifery Services Program Design Yellowknife May 14th
0000002265 MACA Online Course Instruction - CF&MP All Communities May 14th Yes
0000002291 ENR Conceptual Models for Valued Ecosystem Components All Communities May 11th Yes
0000002262 MACA Delivery of Recreation Facility Operator Program Fort Smith, Hay River, Inuvik May 10th Yes
0000002240 INF Legal Surveying, Unmanned Aircraft System, Lidar Yellowknife May 10th Yes
0000002234 ENR Delivery of JETA1 Into Plane/helicopter - Norman W Norman Wells May 8th Yes
0000002277 INF Frank Channel Bridge Bathymetric Survey Yellowknife May 8th Yes
0000002260 LEG Cafeteria Operation & Catering Services Yellowknife May 7th
0000002274 INF General Labour Services Whatì May 1st
0000002272 INF Truck Rental Services May 1st Yes
0000002247 ITI Custodial Campground O&M - Blackstone Park Fort Simpson Apr 30th Yes
0000002236 ECE NDL - Dedicated Internet Connection for 12 Communi All Communities Apr 26th Yes
0000002223 INF Office Space Accommodation, Yellowknife Yellowknife Apr 17th Yes
0000002196 LEG Legislative Assembly Visual Identity Program Yellowknife Apr 12th
0000002129 ENR Moose Report, Scientific Knowledge All Communities Apr 12th
0000002231 INF Office Space Accommodation, Yellowknife Yellowknife Apr 12th
0000002190 MACA Tuktoyaktuk and Aklavik Disaster Mitigation Studie Aklavik, Tuktoyaktuk Apr 11th Yes
SC18022 STHA Mobile Staff Communications and Duress System Yellowknife Apr 3rd
0000002198 INF Sachs Harbour Water Treatment Plant Relocation Sachs Harbour Mar 29th Yes
0000002139 NWTHC Seniors Planning Study All Communities Mar 29th Yes

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