Records: 79


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002790 NWTHC Demolition 2 Units Ft. McPherson Fort McPherson Nov 15th
0000002766 INF McLean Bay Communication Tower Nov 15th
0000002770 INF Aggregate Production &Stockpiling-Dempster Highway Inuvik Nov 13th
0000002728 INF Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation Fort Smith Nov 8th Yes
0000002749 INF Inualthuyak School DDC Controls & Lighting Upgrade Sachs Harbour Nov 8th Yes
0000002753 INF Nahanni Butte Water Treatment Plant Refurbishment Nahanni Butte Nov 8th Yes
0000002773 JUS SMCC Geotech Investigation & HBMA Hay River Nov 8th Yes
0000002755 NWTHC 3 Unit M&I Electrical upgrade Units 92,125,126 Fort McPherson Nov 1st Yes
0000002718 NWTHC SS&E - Oil Fired Boiler Replacement Fort Resolution Nov 1st Yes
0000002750 INF Fuel Storage Tank Meter Upgrade - Colville Lake Colville Lake Oct 30th
0000002618 INF Gunghi Creek Culvert Replacement Tuktoyaktuk Oct 29th Yes
0000002736 NWTHC 13 CLIENT Preventative Maintenance - INUVIK Inuvik Oct 25th Yes
0000002673 INF RCMP Detachment Cell Refresh Fort Smith Oct 25th Yes
0000002735 NWTHC Unit 156-159 M&I Inuvik Oct 25th Yes
0000002744 INF RCMP Detachment AC Unit Installation Fort Good Hope Oct 23rd Yes
0000002661 INF YZF HBS Recapitalization Yellowknife Oct 18th Yes
0000002726 NWTHC SS&E Exterior Repairs,Siding Replacements Ft Smith Fort Smith Oct 17th Yes
0000002715 INF Hay River Schools Biomass Upgrade Hay River Oct 16th Yes
0000002716 INF Replace Stairs & Ramps at Thomas Simpson School Fort Simpson Oct 16th Yes
0000002683 NWTHC 2018-19 Two Duplex Retrofit - SSE Fort Simpson Oct 12th Yes
0000002690 NWTHC 2018-19 Preventative Maintenance - SSE Fort Liard Oct 10th Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002720 INF Supply One New Articulating Vibratory Compactor Nov 15th
GP18071 STHA Video Display Units Yellowknife Nov 15th
0000002799 ENR Chemical:  EK-35B Runway Stabilization Fluid Hay River Nov 14th Yes
0000002800 INF Cisco Meraki Equipment All Communities Nov 14th Yes
0000002802 INF Lookout Comprehensive License All Communities Nov 14th Yes
0000002801 NWTHC PestPro Thermal Bed Bug Heaters Hay River, Inuvik, Norman Wells, Yellowknife Nov 14th Yes
0000002794 JUS Multifunction Colour Photocopier Fort Resolution Nov 13th
0000002807 ENR Patrol Truck Fort Simpson Nov 13th Yes
GP18086 STHA Dental Equipment All Communities Nov 8th
0000002764 ENR Hazardous Material Storage Facility Nov 7th Yes
0000002777 HSS Physical Rehabilitation Equipment Yellowknife Nov 7th
0000002761 ENR Radio Communications Equipment Fort Simpson, Fort Smith Nov 5th Yes
0000002674 ENR Radios & Accessories All Communities Oct 30th Yes
0000002712 INF Supply 4 Marine Catepillar Engines Hay River Oct 23rd Yes
0000002706 HSS Supply, Deliver and Installation of ECU FFE Yellowknife Oct 17th Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002795 ECE Multifunction Colour Photocopier Yellowknife Nov 15th
SC18012 STHA Photocopier Machine Leases and Service Agreements Yellowknife Nov 15th
0000002803 INF Plumbing, Heating & Gas Fitting Services - Fort Sm Fort Smith Nov 15th Yes
0000002652 HSS Supplementary Health Benefit Programs All Communities Nov 15th
0000002714 HSS interRAI Clinical Information System (CIS) All Communities Nov 14th Yes
0000002780 ENR Phase I ESA - R118T in Lutsel Ke Lutsel K'e Nov 9th
0000002786 INF Security Services - Fort Simpson Fort Simpson Nov 8th Yes
0000002785 INF Security Services - Fort Smith Fort Smith Nov 8th Yes
0000002784 INF Security Services - Hay River Hay River Nov 8th Yes
0000002788 INF Security Services - Inuvik Inuvik Nov 8th Yes
0000002787 INF Security Services - Norman Wells Norman Wells Nov 8th Yes
0000002704 INF Yellowknife Airport Janitorial Services Yellowknife Nov 7th Yes
0000002742 INF Supply & Install HON Furniture & Workstations Fort Smith Nov 6th Yes
0000002693 FIN Investment Manager All Communities Nov 5th Yes
0000002763 INF Janitorial Services for Paulatuk RCMP Detachment Paulatuk Nov 5th Yes
0000002421 INF DRIVES System Update & Support All Communities Nov 1st Yes
0000002636 NWTHC Public Housing Program Review All Communities Nov 1st Yes
0000002771 HSS Air Charter - November 8-9 Fort Simpson Oct 24th Yes
0000002733 ECE Bus Services - Chief T'Selehye School Fort Good Hope Oct 24th
0000002745 JUS Multifunction Color Photocopier Yellowknife Oct 24th Yes
0000002752 JUS Multifunction Color Photocopier - Fort Providence Fort Providence Oct 23rd Yes
0000002751 JUS Multifunction Color Photocopier - Fort Simpson Fort Simpson Oct 23rd Yes
0000002705 INF ESA and Geotechnical Investigation - Inuvik, NT Inuvik Oct 22nd Yes
0000002689 NWTHC Review of GNWT Homelessness Resources All Communities Oct 19th Yes
0000002703 ENR Northwest Territories Environmental Audit All Communities Oct 18th Yes
0000002687 LEG Actuarial, Pension, and Investment Consutling Svs Yellowknife Oct 15th
0000002562 ITI EOI: NTNP Financial Verification Service Provider Yellowknife Oct 15th
0000002743 INF Expediting and Ground Handling for MTS Inuvik Inuvik Oct 12th Yes
0000002637 ENR Support and Maintenance Fur Harvest Mgmt. System Yellowknife Oct 12th
0000002740 INF Transportation of Diesel Fuel MTS Inuvik Inuvik Oct 12th Yes
0000002676 INF Fuel Sales, Dispensing, Delivery, Whati Oct 11th Yes
AC18078 STHA Air Charter - Ulukhaktok to Inuvik and Return Ulukhaktok Oct 9th Yes
0000002670 INF Commercial Airfare Yellowknife to Southern Canada All Communities Oct 4th Yes
0000002717 ENR Aquatic Effects Monitoring Program All Communities Oct 3rd Yes
0000002620 ITI Seismic Interpretation Project Yellowknife Oct 2nd Yes
PM2018002 FSHSSA RFP - Trailcross Treatment Centre Fort Smith Oct 1st
0000002482 FIN NTHSSA FSCM 9.2 Migration Yellowknife Sep 27th Yes
0000002654 MACA NWT Sport, Physical Activity& Recreation Framework All Communities Sep 27th Yes
0000002587 MACA Public Alerting Solution All Communities Sep 27th Yes
0000002702 JUS Air Charter Inuvik-Ulukhatuk-Aklavik Inuvik Sep 20th Yes
0000002658 INF Prosperous and Prelude Lake Design Yellowknife Sep 18th Yes

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