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Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002464 NWTHC 2018-19 S. Isaiah Senior Home Cluster Access - SSE Fort Simpson Jul 13th Yes
0000002451 NWTHC SS&E Interior/Exterior Repairs - Ft. Resolution Fort Resolution Jul 12th Yes
0000002444 NWTHC SS&E; Exterior Upgrades - Hay River, NT Hay River Jul 10th Yes
0000002384 INF YZF Maintance Garage Abatement and Demolition Yellowknife Jul 10th Yes
0000002429 INF RCMP Buildings Foundation Remediation G138 & G140 Tuktoyaktuk Jul 9th Yes
0000002405 INF Fort Smith RCMP house attic insulation Fort Smith Jul 5th Yes
0000002414 NWTHC Mjr M&I Unit 156-159 - Inuvik Inuvik Jul 5th Yes
0000002419 NWTHC Mjr M&I Units 179 & 218 Tuktoyaktuk Jul 5th Yes
0000002431 NWTHC 2018-19 CARE HOME REPAIRS (1) UNIT - SSE Yellowknife Jul 4th Yes
0000002432 NWTHC 2018-19 M&I REPAIR - UNIT 428 - SSE Jul 3rd Yes
0000002416 INF Group Camping Area at the Nitainlaii Park Fort McPherson Jul 3rd Yes
0000002364 INF Jean Marie River WTP Process Piping Upgrade Jean Marie River Jul 3rd Yes
0000002418 NWTHC Major M&I Units 120 & 140 Tuktoyaktuk Jul 3rd Yes
0000002358 INF Runway 05-23 Overlay & Surface Stabilization Enterprise, Hay River Jul 3rd Yes
0000002427 NWTHC 2018-19 M&I REPAIR - UNIT 437 - SSE Dettah Jun 28th Yes
0000002413 INF ENR Cold Storage Sheds Yellowknife Jun 28th
0000002302 NWTHC Major M&I Unit 27/28 Sachs Harbour Jun 28th Yes
0000002406 INF Multiple Schools Generator Replacements Fort Providence, Fort Resolution, Hay River Reserve Jun 28th Yes
0000002379 NWTHC 2018/19 Mjr M&I Units  92, 125 & 126 FMP Fort McPherson Jun 26th Yes
0000002381 NWTHC 2018/19 MJR M&I Units 113-116, 131-134 FMP Fort McPherson Jun 26th Yes
0000002380 NWTHC 2018/19 Mjr Units 139-142, 121-123 - FMP Fort McPherson Jun 26th Yes
0000002411 NWTHC SS&E Exterior Repairs; Foundation Leveling, Etc Fort Providence Jun 26th Yes
0000002295 NWTHC 2018-19 Public Housing Retrofit - SSE Fort Liard Jun 22nd Yes
0000002389 NWTHC 2018-19 Stanley Isiah Senior¿s Home Driveways SSE Fort Simpson Jun 22nd Yes
0000002377 NWTHC 2018/19 Major M&I Unit 407-05 Ulukhaktok Jun 20th Yes
0000002378 NWTHC 2018/19 Major M&I Unit 93 Ulukhaktok Jun 20th Yes
0000002332 INF Behchoko Junior Kindergarten Playground Jun 20th
0000002320 INF Culvert Replacement, Taxiway "C" Hay River Jun 20th Yes
0000002365 INF JBT Elementary School Window Replacement Fort Smith Jun 19th Yes
0000002382 NWTHC SS&E Roof Shingle Replacement (2 Duplex Unit) Fort Providence Jun 19th Yes
0000002357 INF Gwich'in Park Access Roads & Campsites Upgrade Inuvik Jun 18th Yes
0000002372 INF Chief Sunrise School PA System Replacement Hay River Reserve Jun 14th Yes
0000002326 INF Junior Kindergarten Playgrounds Fort Liard, Fort Smith, Hay River, Hay River Reserve, Jean Marie River, Kakisa, Nahanni Butte Jun 14th Yes
0000002360 INF New Hiking Trail, Fort Simpson Territorial Park Fort Simpson Jun 14th Yes
0000002374 NWTHC 2018-19 CARE REPAIRS (1) UNIT - SSE Yellowknife Jun 13th Yes
0000002352 NWTHC 2018-19 M&I REPAIR - UNIT 610 A-D - SSE Jun 11th Yes
0000002353 NWTHC 2018-19 M&I REPAIR - UNIT 611 A-D - SSE Jun 11th Yes
0000002355 NWTHC 2018-19 M&I REPAIR - UNIT 623 A-D - SSE Jun 11th Yes
0000002354 NWTHC 2018-19 M&I REPAIR - UNIT 612 A-D - SSE Jun 7th Yes
0000002299 INF Taiga Lab Roof Replacement Yellowknife Jun 5th Yes
0000002333 INF Gameti, Whati and Wekweeti JK Playgrounds Gametì, Wekweètì, Whatì May 31st Yes
0000002329 INF Gravel Surfacing - Dempster Highway (8) Fort McPherson, Tsiigehtchic May 31st Yes
0000002325 INF YK and N'Dilo JK Playground Installation Yellowknife May 31st Yes
0000002304 INF Aurora College Flooring Abatement Fort Smith May 29th Yes
0000002330 INF Deninu School Flooring Replacement Fort Resolution May 29th Yes
0000002303 INF Aurora College Flooring Replacement Fort Smith May 23rd Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
AC2662YK AURO AC2662 FURNITURE FOR YKCAMPUS Yellowknife Jul 18th
SC18055 STHA Photocopier Machine Lease & Service Agreement Norman Wells Jul 12th
SC15057 STHA Photocopier Machine Lease and Service Agreement Tulita Jul 12th
0000002452 INF Radware Defense Pro Hardware All Communities Jul 12th Yes
AC2944 AURO Computers & Accessories Fort Smith Jun 29th
SOA18015 STHA Dialysis Supplies Yellowknife Jun 28th
AC2685 AURO Dell Servers Fort Smith Jun 1st
PO456201 YHSSA Dental Equipment - Health Centres Yellowknife May 31st
0000002207 INF Office Space Accommodation Fort McPherson May 24th


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002463 INF Rotary Wing Services Norman Wells Jul 18th Yes
AC2969 AURO AC2969 OTTER AIR CHARTER Fort Smith Jul 17th
0000002458 ENR Species Status Report for Woodland Caribou All Communities Jul 17th Yes
0000002442 INF Janitorial Services Yellowknife Jul 16th Yes
0000002391 LEG Law Clerk Services Yellowknife Jul 16th
0000002313 MACA Course Instruction: CIM&M Program Behchokö, Fort Simpson Jul 11th Yes
0000002470 JUS Air Charter - Norman wells Shatu Court Circuit Yellowknife Jul 9th Yes
0000002443 INF Helicopter Charter - Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk All Communities Jul 5th Yes
0000002350 INF Office Space Accommodation, LS103275 Yellowknife Jul 4th Yes
0000002366 HSS Operational Plan Long Term Care-Hay River & Inuvik All Communities Jul 4th Yes
0000002447 ECE Multifunction Colour Photocopier Yellowknife Jul 3rd Yes
0000002395 INF Assessment and Feasibility Study, YZF Hotel Yellowknife Jun 26th Yes
0000002400 INF Geotechnical Investigation in Permafrost Condition Paulatuk Jun 26th Yes
0000002435 INF Geotechnical Investigation, Behchoko Access Road Jun 26th Yes
0000002368 ENR Species Status Report for Woodland Caribou Yellowknife Jun 26th Yes
0000002312 ITI NTNP Marketing Strategy Year 2 Implementation Yellowknife Jun 25th Yes
0000002362 LANDS Air Photography and Community Mapping Program Colville Lake, Fort Liard, Fort Simpson, Jean Marie River, Nahanni Butte, Sambaa K'e, Wrigley Jun 20th Yes
0000002335 JUS Court Reporting Services Yellowknife Jun 20th Yes
0000002385 INF Yellowknife Daycare HBMA and Phase I & II ESA Yellowknife Jun 19th Yes
0000002401 ENR NWT Diamond Mines Closure & Security Tech Reviews All Communities Jun 18th Yes
0000002311 MACA Course Instruction: Water&Waste Management Program Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Yellowknife Jun 14th Yes
0000002367 INF Lead-based Paint and Soil Remediation-RCMP Inuvik Inuvik Jun 14th Yes
0000002228 INF Fort Simpson Airport Fuel Concession Fort Simpson Jun 8th
0000002346 JUS NSCC As and When Janitorial Services Yellowknife Jun 6th Yes
0000002343 INF Geochemical Support - Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk Jun 5th Yes
0000002338 INF Office Space Accommodation, LS103284 Yellowknife Jun 4th
0000002263 FIN SA100035 - Relocation Services - REFRESH All Communities May 31st
BDR-2018-2 BDHSSA Beaufort Delta Regional Dental Services Inuvik May 30th
0000002349 JUS Air Charter - Norman Wells Court Circuit All Communities May 28th Yes

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