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Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002222 INF New Junior Kindergarten Outdoor Play Spaces-Sahtu Mar 23rd
0000002220 INF New Junior Kindergarten Outdoor Play Spaces Mar 22nd
0000002182 INF PWNHC - Accessible Washroom Upgrades Ph 1 Yellowknife Mar 22nd
0000002168 INF Northern Frontier Visitor Centre Stabilization Yellowknife Mar 21st
0000002125 INF Reconstruction of Ingraham Trail (No.4) Mar 20th
0000002178 NWTHC SS&E - Exterior Repairs & Upgrades Fort Smith Mar 19th
0000002134 NWTHC New 2 Bedroom Duplex  Ft. Resolution Fort Resolution Mar 15th
0000002101 INF Owners Engineer  Tlicho All-Season Road Project Mar 13th
0000002071 INF Highway Surface Repairs and Rehabilitation Inuvik Mar 12th
0000002143 INF Records Storage Building Upgrades Fort Smith Mar 8th
0000002136 INF Guard Rails, Little Buffalo Falls Campground Fort Smith Mar 6th
0000002105 INF Probation Office Security Upgrade-Fort McPherson Fort McPherson Mar 5th
0000002153 NWTHC Supply Ship Erect CARE MAJOR Program Fort Good Hop Fort Good Hope Mar 5th
0000002091 NWTHC Demolition of Asset in Nahanni Butte Nahanni Butte Mar 1st
0000002133 INF Electric Gate, Lands Shop Fort Simpson Mar 1st
0000002043 INF 2018 - Single Asphaltic Surface Treatment Overlay Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Jean Marie River, Yellowknife Feb 26th
0000002074 INF Washroom Addition at the Angik School - Paulatuk Paulatuk Feb 15th
0000002044 NWTHC 2017-18 Lock Replacements - SSE Fort Liard Feb 14th
0000002054 INF Sir John Franklin High School Asbestos Abatement Yellowknife Feb 14th
0000002068 NWTHC Unit 75 M&I Repairs Inuvik Feb 8th
0000001915 INF NSCC Zone 1 Security  Infrastructure Renewal Yellowknife Feb 2nd
0000001896 INF Tulita Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Projec Tulita Feb 2nd
0000002042 NWTHC New Construction - Singles 4-plex Deline Jan 31st


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002206 ITI Medium Duty Cab and Chassis Hay River Mar 21st
0000002209 ITI Supply Materials for Emergency Shelters Norman Wells Mar 21st
AC201803 AURO PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Yellowknife Mar 12th
0000002113 JUS Food Supply - Bread Products Yellowknife Mar 7th
0000002115 JUS Food Supply - Dairy Products Yellowknife Mar 7th
0000002117 JUS Food Supply - Dry Goods Yellowknife Mar 7th
0000002119 JUS Food Supply - Frozen Goods Yellowknife Mar 7th
0000002112 JUS Food Supply - Meat Products Yellowknife Mar 7th
0000002121 JUS Food Supply - Produce Products Yellowknife Mar 7th
0000002123 JUS Food Supply - Specialty Food Products Yellowknife Mar 7th
0000002096 NWTHC Supply and Deliver LED Lights to Sachs Harbour Sachs Harbour Feb 22nd
A201802ART AURO AC2018-02art Pellet Mill Inuvik Feb 20th


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
SUNCHA18 PWS Sunset Chalet Caretaker/Custodian Fort Smith Mar 23rd
0000002179 INF Bathymetric Survey Mar 22nd
0000002192 INF Building Maintenance Services - Sachs Harbour Sachs Harbour Mar 22nd
0000002100 NWTHC Architectural Design Services Yellowknife Mar 21st
0000002172 INF General Labour Services Whatì Mar 21st
SC1819.001 DHSSA Regional Dental Services Fort Simpson Mar 21st
0000002171 INF Truck Rental Services Whatì Mar 21st
0000002165 INF Aklavik Airport Drainage Plan Aklavik Mar 20th
0000002187 INF Building Maintenance Services - Tsiigehtchic, NT Tsiigehtchic Mar 20th
0000002186 INF HWY 7 Air Photo Analysis Fort Simpson Mar 20th
0000002173 JUS Pharmaceutical Services Yellowknife Mar 20th
0000002212 INF Supply Equipment - Donnelly River Bridge Repair Mar 20th
0000002211 INF Supply Labour - Donnelly River Bridge Repair Mar 20th
0000002180 INF Building Maintenance Services - Colville Lake, NT Colville Lake Mar 19th
0000002092 ENR Delivery of JETA1 Into Plane - Fort Smith Fort Smith Mar 16th
0000002080 ENR Delivery of JETA1 Into Plane - Yellowknife Yellowknife Mar 16th
0000002076 ENR Delivery of JETA1 Into Plane/Helicopter - Inuvik Inuvik Mar 16th
0000002191 ENR Air Charter - Moose Survey - Slave River Lowlands All Communities Mar 15th
0000002124 HSS Home & Community Care Program Review Yellowknife Mar 15th
0000001997 JUS Family Law Mediation Program All Communities Mar 14th
0000002149 INF Carpentry & General Labour Services - Aklavik Aklavik Mar 12th
0000002151 INF Carpentry and Painting Services - Paulatuk Paulatuk Mar 12th
0000002141 INF Electrical Services - Fort McPherson, NT Fort McPherson Mar 8th
0000002140 INF Painting Services - Beaufort Delta Region Mar 8th
0000002114 INF RFI - As and When Janitorial Services All Communities Mar 8th
0000002098 INF Financial Audit Services Hay River Mar 6th
0000002138 INF Flooring Services - Beaufort Delta Region Mar 6th
0000002135 INF Carpentry Services - Beaufort Delta Region Mar 5th
0000002065 ENR Digital Aerial Photographic Surveys All Communities Mar 5th
0000002130 INF Electrical Services - Beaufort Delta Region Mar 5th
0000002107 INF Fuel Sales, Dispensing and Delivery Services Mar 5th
0000002164 FIN Multifunction Colour Photocopier Yellowknife Mar 5th
0000002064 ENR Photo Interpretation - Calving Ground Photo Survey All Communities Mar 5th
SC0939 YHSSA Adult Day Program Yellowknife Mar 2nd
SC18013 STHA Ground Transportation Services ¿ Jean Marie River Jean Marie River Mar 2nd
0000002049 FIN "As & When" Occupational Health & Safety Training All Communities Mar 1st
SC0938 YHSSA Dental Services - Fort Resolution Fort Resolution Feb 23rd
SC0937 YHSSA Dental Services - Lutsel K'e Lutsel K'e Feb 23rd
0000002067 ENR SOA - Transporation for GNWT Recycling Programs All Communities Feb 21st
0000002132 HSS Air Charter -  Yellowknife - Fort Good Hope Yellowknife Feb 20th
0000001823 FIN Cyber Security Training Yellowknife Feb 15th
0000002052 LANDS Multifunction Colour Photocopier Yellowknife Feb 15th
0000001994 INF Environmental Assessment Services All Communities Feb 14th
BDR2017-11 BDHSSA Inuvik Youth Group Home Inuvik Feb 13th
0000002041 FIN Information Security Consultant SOA All Communities Feb 12th
0000002057 ECE Translation Management System Yellowknife Feb 5th
SC17075 STHA Integrated Bedside Terminal Yellowknife Feb 2nd
SC17074 STHA Mobile Staff Communication & Duress System Yellowknife Feb 2nd
SC18008 STHA Ground Transportation Services - Paulatuk Yellowknife Jan 30th
PM2018001 BDIC RFP - Sutherland House Safe Shelter Coordinator Fort Smith Jan 24th

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