Records: 101


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002621 INF New Junior Kindergarten Outdoor Play Space- Tulita Tulita Sep 6th Yes
0000002613 INF New Junior Kindergarten Outdoor Play Space-Aklavik Aklavik Sep 6th Yes
0000002616 INF Junior KindergartenOutdoor PlaySpace-Colville Lake Colville Lake Sep 5th Yes
0000002612 INF New Junior Kindergarten Outdoor Play Space-Inuvik Inuvik Sep 5th Yes
0000002524 INF K3 Kitchen Shelter - Fred Henne Park Yellowknife Sep 4th Yes
0000002599 INF Solar Roll Infloor Heating Replacement - RCMP Fort McPherson Sep 4th Yes
0000002552 INF Communication Tower - ENR Forest Management Office Inuvik Aug 30th Yes
0000002538 INF Runway 08-26 Surface Stabilization Lutsel K'e Aug 30th Yes
0000002591 INF Supply & Install Fall Restraint Roof Rail-Aklavik Aklavik Aug 30th Yes
0000002602 NWTHC Major M&I - Units 174 & 175 Tuktoyaktuk Aug 29th Yes
0000002547 NWTHC 2 Br Duplex - Labour Only - Ft Good Hope Fort Good Hope Aug 23rd Yes
0000002576 NWTHC SSE Exterior Repairs, Fort Resolution, NT Fort Resolution Aug 22nd Yes
0000002573 NWTHC SSE - Interior/Exterior Retrofit, Hay River, NT Hay River Aug 21st
0000002536 NWTHC 1 CARE CLIENT Repairs - FMP Fort McPherson Aug 16th Yes
0000002555 NWTHC 6 Clients - Contract #2 Fort McPherson Aug 16th Yes
0000002554 NWTHC 6 Clients Home Repairs - Contract #1 Fort McPherson Aug 16th Yes
0000002574 INF Install owner supplied pre-manufactured bldgs x2 Yellowknife Aug 16th Yes
0000002565 NWTHC SS&E Exterior Retrofit; 1 Single Detached Unit Fort Resolution Aug 16th Yes
0000002570 NWTHC SS&E Foundation Repairs; Waterproofing Hay River Aug 16th Yes
0000002544 INF YZF Airside & Highway 3 Asphalt Rehabilitation Yellowknife Aug 13th Yes
0000002527 NWTHC Fort McPherson & Tsiigehtchic PM's Fort McPherson Aug 8th Yes
0000002417 INF Hay River to Pine Point Bridge Replacement Enterprise, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Hay River, Hay River Reserve Aug 7th Yes
0000002502 INF Inuvik Airport Cold Storage Facility Inuvik Aug 7th Yes
0000002522 NWTHC 2018-19 CARE HOME REPAIR (1) UNIT - SSE Yellowknife Aug 2nd Yes
0000002480 NWTHC SS&E Repair Burnt Duplex, Hay River Hay River Aug 2nd Yes
0000002474 ITI Construct & Deliver 2 Parks Residence Buildings Fort Providence, Kakisa Jul 31st Yes
0000002450 INF Runway 11-29 Overlay, Jean Marie River Airport Jean Marie River Jul 31st Yes
0000002491 NWTHC SS&E Heating System Replacements - Multiple Units Fort Providence Jul 31st Yes
0000002438 NWTHC 2018-19 Two Duplex Retrofit - SSE Fort Simpson Jul 27th Yes
0000002498 INF Maint. Garage Floor Repair, Little Buffalo River Hay River Jul 26th Yes
0000002437 NWTHC 2018-19 Senior's Multiplex Deck - SSE Fort Liard Jul 23rd Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002622 JUS Supply of Security Cameras & Recording Equipment Yellowknife Sep 13th Yes
0000002630 ENR One Heavy Duty Cargo Van Fort Smith Sep 12th Yes
0000002614 INF Supply One (1) New Tracked Skid Steer Fort Simpson Sep 12th Yes
0000002609 JUS Supply of Shelving Yellowknife Sep 10th Yes
0000002593 JUS Multifunction Color Photocopier Lease - 48 Months Fort Resolution Sep 6th Yes
0000002582 JUS Multifunction Colour Photocopier Ft. Smith Fort Smith Sep 6th Yes
0000002581 JUS Multifunction Colour Photocopier Hay River Hay River Sep 6th Yes
0000002583 JUS Multifunction Photocopier Ft. Liard Fort Liard Sep 6th Yes
0000002584 INF Supply One New Tracked  Excavator Fort Simpson Sep 5th Yes
PO456975 YHSSA Bariatric Podiatry/Wound Care Chair Yellowknife Aug 31st
0000002600 INF Supply & Deliver Cable for the Peel River Ferry Fort McPherson Aug 29th Yes
AC3013 AURO Used/New Typical: CAT 730C (or equivalent) Fort Smith Aug 24th
0000002585 INF Supply Two (2)  High-Speed Runway Plows Yellowknife Aug 23rd Yes
0000002509 INF One Tow Behind Sweeper Norman Wells Aug 22nd Yes
0000002511 INF One Tow Behind Sweeper Fort Smith Aug 22nd Yes
0000002528 HSS Fridges Freezers - Laboratory Yellowknife Aug 17th Yes
0000002557 HSS Medication Fridges Yellowknife Aug 16th
0000002526 ENR 3 Ton Crew Cab Truck Fort Simpson Aug 15th Yes
0000002517 LANDS Photocopier - North Slave Regional Office Yellowknife Aug 8th Yes
0000002459 HSS Colour Multifunction Photocopier Yellowknife Jul 31st Yes
0000002473 HSS Stanton Networking - Hubble Premise Parts Yellowknife Jul 24th Yes
0000002460 HSS Stanton Hardware - HP Synergy Frame Yellowknife Jul 23rd Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000002658 INF Prosperous and Prelude Lake Design Yellowknife Sep 18th
0000002685 JUS Air Charter - Norman Wells - Sahtu Court Circuit Yellowknife Sep 17th
0000002686 JUS Air Charter: Norman Wells Sahtu Court Circuit Yellowknife Sep 17th Yes
0000002677 EXEC MultiFunction Photocopier - 36 Mnth Lease Yellowknife Sep 17th Yes
0000002645 ENR AEMP - Design and Statistical Analysis All Communities Sep 13th Yes
0000002644 ENR AEMP Review - Plankton and Benthos All Communities Sep 13th
0000002649 ENR Imperial Oil - Security & Closure All Communities Sep 13th Yes
0000002643 ENR NWT Dominion Diamond Mines EKati ICRP All Communities Sep 13th Yes
0000002646 ENR SSWQO, EQC and Toxicity Testing All Communities Sep 13th
0000002530 ENR Data Review: Compounds in Slave River Food Web All Communities Sep 10th Yes
0000002611 EXEC Multifunction Photocopier Yellowknife Sep 10th Yes
SC18066 STHA Regional Visiting Dental Services Norman Wells Sep 7th
0000002548 INF Fuel Sales, Dispensing, and Delivery Colville Lake Sep 6th Yes
0000002607 ENR Phase I/II ESA for Circle K Exploration Camp Wekweètì Sep 5th Yes
0000002512 MACA Curriculum Development - IM-M Program Yellowknife Sep 4th Yes
0000002579 ECE NWT Arts Strategy Development All Communities Sep 4th Yes
0000002625 INF Specialized Technical/Drafting Services All Communities Sep 4th Yes
0000002500 INF Great Slave Lake Submarine Cable Concept Study All Communities Aug 27th Yes
0000002515 MACA Sampling of Monitoring Wells - Various Communities All Communities Aug 27th Yes
0000002513 INF NWT Biomass Training Program Yellowknife Aug 23rd Yes
BDR201806 BDHSSA Regional Orthodontic Services Inuvik Aug 22nd
0000002561 FIN Trout Lake Airport Runway Drainage Upgrades. Sambaa K'e Aug 21st Yes
0000002589 INF AOM Survey - Gameti, Whati, Wekweeti, Lutselk'e Lutsel K'e Aug 20th Yes
0000002588 INF AOM Survey - Yellowknife Airport Yellowknife Aug 20th Yes
0000002520 LANDS Review of Public Registries Dettah, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Lutsel K'e, Yellowknife Aug 17th Yes
0000002553 INF Geotechnical Investigation for HWY 8 Culvert Site Fort McPherson Aug 16th Yes
0000002424 ITI GNWT Diamond Marketing Analysis All Communities Aug 16th
0000002542 INF As and When Required Disposal of Scrap Metal Hay River Aug 13th Yes
0000002525 INF Inuvik Wind Climate Lens Assessment Inuvik Aug 13th Yes
0000002533 INF Jean Marie Airport Runway Drainage Upgrades. Jean Marie River Aug 13th Yes
0000002506 INF Sachs Harbour Airport Runway Drainage Upgrades Sachs Harbour Aug 10th Yes
0000002301 FIN Banking & Investment Services Yellowknife Aug 9th Yes
0000002456 ENR Benthic Macroinvertebrates Identification Yellowknife Aug 9th Yes
AC18062 STHA Air Charter - Yellowknife to Deline Yellowknife Aug 8th Yes
0000002521 LANDS Photocopier - Beaufort Delta Regional Office Inuvik Aug 8th Yes
0000002518 LANDS Photocopier - Headquarters Administration Inuvik Aug 8th Yes
0000002433 INF Secure ID Card Stock Yellowknife Aug 8th Yes
0000002495 INF Building Roof Snow Overload Assessments Aklavik, Fort Liard, Fort McPherson, Fort Providence, Fort Resolution, Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Hay River, Hay River Reserve, Inuvik, Nahanni Butte, Whatì, Wrigley Aug 7th Yes
0000002469 INF Office Space Accommodation, LS103235 Fort Smith Aug 7th Yes
0000002475 NWTHC Office Space Accommodation, LS4001801 Inuvik Aug 7th Yes
0000002476 MACA Assesment Service - Hay River Land General Hay River Aug 2nd Yes
0000002505 INF Install Hot Water Tanks Fort Smith Aug 1st Yes
FSHA18 PWS Janitorial As & When Services Fort Smith Jul 31st
SC0965 YHSSA Adult Day Program Yellowknife Jul 27th
0000002440 ENR Canol Trail - Phase III ESA - HHERA & RAP Norman Wells, Tulita Jul 25th Yes
0000002276 INF Municipal Area Network (MAN) Services All Communities Jul 25th Yes
0000002369 ECE ECLM Platform Yellowknife Jul 24th Yes
0000002397 ECE PWNHC Museum Cafe Lease Yellowknife Jul 23rd Yes

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