Records: 129


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000003591 INF 60th Parallel Modular Shower Building Enterprise Aug 30th
0000003544 NWTHC 8-Plex Bachelor Complex Yellowknife Aug 30th Yes
0000003641 INF Bridge Decking Replacement Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk, Ulukhaktok Aug 30th
0000003523 NWTHC Building Removal - Tulita Tulita Aug 30th Yes
0000003615 NWTHC CARE Major - Interior/Exterior Repairs Norman Wells Aug 30th Yes
0000003522 NWTHC Construction of Duplex and Fouplex Deline Deline Aug 30th Yes
0000003614 INF Decommissioning / Remediation Project - Tulita, NT Tulita Aug 30th Yes
0000003638 INF Fort Good Hope Probation Office Renovation Fort Good Hope Aug 30th Yes
0000003492 INF Fort McPherson Water Treatment Plant Upgrade 2019 Fort McPherson Aug 30th Yes
0000003592 INF Fort Providence Modular Shower Building Fort Providence Aug 30th
0000003495 INF Hay River Fish Plant Hay River Aug 30th Yes
0000003643 INF Incident Response Standby-F LIard Fort Liard Aug 30th Yes
0000003594 INF LBRC Modular Shower Building Fort Resolution Aug 30th
0000003478 ECE Mangilaluk School Renovation &Addition-Tuktoyaktuk Tuktoyaktuk Aug 30th Yes
0000003637 INF Prelude Lake Boat Launch Refurbishment Yellowknife Aug 30th
0000003618 INF Q.E.Park Relocate office to Group camping area Fort Smith Aug 30th Yes
0000003595 INF Replace Fall Arrest System, Fort Simpson Schools Fort Simpson Aug 30th Yes
0000003561 INF Sachs Harbour WTP Potable Water Storage Sachs Harbour Aug 30th Yes
0000003629 ITI Blackstone Park Upgrades Fort Liard, Fort Simpson Aug 29th Yes
0000003603 INF Polyurethane Concrete Floor Raising - Foam Jacking Hay River Aug 29th Yes
0000003619 INF Replace Biomass Boilers and Floor Insulation Yellowknife Aug 29th
0000003617 INF Colville Lake Health Centre Wheelchair Ramp Colville Lake Aug 28th Yes
0000003612 INF North Arm Park New Outhouse Behchokö Aug 28th Yes
0000003602 INF Highways Warehouse Concrete Slab - Ft. Providence Fort Providence Aug 27th Yes
0000003574 INF Prosperous Lake Boat Launch Yellowknife Aug 27th
0000003588 INF Utilidette Upgrade at Multi-Use & Records Building Inuvik Aug 27th Yes
0000003606 INF 60th Parallel Pullout Inner and Outer Loops Paving Enterprise Aug 26th Yes
0000003605 INF HRHC Emerg Access Paving Hay River Aug 26th Yes
0000003577 INF North Arm Park Access Road Behchokö Aug 26th Yes
0000003539 INF Chief Tselehye School Lighting Upgrade Fort Good Hope Aug 23rd Yes
0000003553 ITI Liard Highway Welcome Facility Fort Liard Aug 23rd Yes
0000003529 NWTHC 2019/20 Tuk PM's Tuktoyaktuk Aug 22nd Yes
0000003550 NWTHC SS&E Exterior & Interior Repairs, Yellowknife Yellowknife Aug 22nd Yes
0000003585 ITI CANOL Trail Outhouse Construction Mile 1 & Mile 8 Norman Wells Aug 21st Yes
0000003514 NWTHC 2019-20 SISH Door Repairs - SSE Fort Simpson Aug 20th Yes
0000003516 INF Inuvik Regional Hospital Lighting Upgrade Inuvik Aug 19th
0000003548 INF RCMP Residence G044 Foundation Repair Fort Good Hope Aug 19th Yes
0000003528 INF Angik School DDC Controls and Lighting Upgrade Paulatuk Aug 16th
0000003572 NWTHC SSE - Replace Roof Shingles & Decking Fort Providence Aug 16th Yes
0000003549 NWTHC 2019-20 Preventative Maintenance - SSE Fort Liard Aug 15th Yes
0000003470 NWTHC 2019-20 Duplex Retrofit - SSE Fort Simpson Aug 14th Yes
0000003469 NWTHC 2019-20 Public Housing Repair - SSE Fort Liard Aug 14th Yes
0000003526 INF Ecole William McDonald School Roof Replacement Yellowknife Aug 14th Yes
0000003547 INF Land Storage Building Relocation Fort Smith Aug 14th Yes
0000003476 INF Ft McPherson Piped Water and Sewer Upgrades Fort McPherson Aug 9th Yes
0000003480 INF Ft Simpson Student Residence Roof Upgrade Fort Simpson Aug 8th Yes
0000003498 INF Fort Smith RCMP Parking Lot Paving Fort Smith Aug 7th Yes
0000003512 NWTHC CARE Major - 4214-49A Ave - Yellowknife Yellowknife Aug 6th Yes
0000003511 NWTHC CARE Major -105 Hordal Road - Yellowknife Yellowknife Aug 6th Yes
0000003502 INF Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park Lookout Upgrades Enterprise Aug 6th Yes
0000003487 INF RCMP Building Foundation Upgrades - Fort McPherson Fort McPherson Aug 1st Yes
0000003460 INF Lighting Upgrade - Hay River RCMP Detachment Hay River Jul 31st Yes
0000003436 NWTHC TR 133-140 Major M&I Inuvik Inuvik Jul 31st Yes
0000003298 INF Tulita Health and Social Services Centre Tulita Jul 31st
0000003465 NWTHC FORT MCPHERSON & TSIIGEHTCHIC PMs Fort McPherson Jul 30th Yes
0000003481 INF Hay River RCMP Detachment Barrier Free Con.Ramp Hay River Jul 30th Yes
0000003471 INF RCMP Housing Unit Water and Sewer Upgrades Fort McPherson Jul 29th Yes
0000003440 NWTHC 19/20 Client PM's - Inuvik Inuvik Jul 25th Yes
0000003433 INF Airport Maintenance Garage Roofing Upgrades Fort Smith Jul 25th Yes
0000003438 INF Fort Smith Detachment Roof Insulation Upgrade Fort Smith Jul 25th Yes
0000003390 INF Fort Smith RCMP Detachment Lighting Upgrades Fort Smith Jul 25th Yes
0000003437 NWTHC Major M&I Repair 408-411 Tuk Tuktoyaktuk Jul 25th Yes
0000003417 NWTHC Major M&I Units 158-166 - Aklavik Aklavik Jul 25th Yes
0000003407 NWTHC Major M&I Repair Units 141-146 - Inuvik Inuvik Jul 24th Yes
0000003418 INF SMCC Security Improvements (Phase 2) Hay River Jul 24th Yes


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000003625 INF Enclosed Cab Medium Snow Blower Fort Smith Aug 30th Yes
0000003646 FIN Printing & Delivery - UNW Collective Agreement Yellowknife Aug 28th Yes
0000003628 ENR SPME Autosampler Yellowknife Aug 28th Yes
0000003616 INF Supply Picnic Tables-Happy Valley& Jak Park Inuvik Inuvik Aug 26th Yes
0000003565 ENR Fire Hose Bags All Communities Aug 19th Yes
0000003345 INF Fuel Transport Services Tuktoyaktuk Aug 14th Yes
0000003507 JUS Half Ton 4x4 Four Door Truck X 3 Fort McPherson, Fort Smith, Inuvik Aug 6th Yes
0000003415 ECE Multifunction Colour Photocopier Inuvik Inuvik Aug 1st Yes
AC3348 AURO Computers & Accessories Fort Smith Jul 30th


Procurement Number Department Title Location Closing Date Bids Posted?
0000003653 INF Nonacho Access Feasibility Fort Resolution, Fort Smith Sep 12th Yes
0000003644 INF Transmission Line Review, Cost Update and Planning Enterprise, Fort Providence, Kakisa Sep 10th Yes
0000003581 ENR Boreal Caribou/Wolf Capture and Collaring 2019/20 Enterprise, Fort Liard, Fort Providence, Fort Resolution, Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Hay River, Jean Marie River, Kakisa, Nahanni Butte, Sambaa K'e, Wrigley Aug 30th Yes
0000003632 INF Chief Albert Wright School Structural Assessment Tulita Aug 30th Yes
0000003636 INF Marine Infrastructure - Planning Study Tuktoyaktuk Aug 30th Yes
0000003545 MACA New Curriculum of Bulk Water Delivery All Communities Aug 30th Yes
0000003432 FIN Online Service Platform All Communities Aug 30th Yes
0000003639 INF RCMP Deline Warehouse Exterior Upgrade Deline Aug 30th Yes
0000003624 INF RCMP Duplex Attic Insulation Upgrades Fort Smith Aug 30th Yes
0000003587 NWTHC Rent Supplement Program - 2019 Yellowknife Aug 30th Yes
AC201908AC AURO RFP Development of Aurora College Strategic Plan Fort Smith Aug 30th
0000002994 ECE Self-Employment Option Service Provider - Inuvik Inuvik Aug 30th Yes
0000003532 LANDS Tlicho Road Review of Lessons Learned Behchokö, Yellowknife Aug 30th Yes
0000003542 INF Trenchless Culvert Design - Engineering Services Fort McPherson, Inuvik, Tsiigehtchic Aug 30th Yes
0000003620 INF Aklavik RCMP Fuel System Design & Installation Aklavik Aug 29th
0000003570 LANDS Facilitation of Priority Setting and Workplanning Yellowknife Aug 29th Yes
0000003567 LANDS Facilitation Training Yellowknife Aug 29th Yes
0000003623 INF Fish Habitat Assessment Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Jean Marie River Aug 29th Yes
0000003517 INF Inuvik Airport - Civil Infrastructure Improvements Inuvik Aug 29th Yes
0000003455 HSS My Voice My Choice Campaign All Communities Aug 29th Yes
0000003633 INF RCMP Tulita Warehouse Exterior Envelope Upgrade Tulita Aug 29th
0000003562 INF Behchoko Highways Camp Fuel Tank and Dispenser Aug 28th Yes
0000003569 LANDS Interdepartmental Discussions on Land Management Yellowknife Aug 28th
0000003566 LANDS Land Management Planning Facilitation Dettah, Yellowknife Aug 28th Yes
0000003557 INF YK CSB and H-Ways Fuel Tank and Dispenser Yellowknife Aug 28th Yes
0000003611 LANDS Departmental Succession Plan Development Yellowknife Aug 27th
0000003576 ENR Knowledge Framework Review All Communities Aug 27th Yes
0000003531 LANDS Support for Wek'èezhìi Land Use Planning Behchokö, Dettah, Yellowknife Aug 27th Yes
0000003451 ECE Training Materials for Early Childhood Educators All Communities Aug 27th Yes
0000003527 MACA Climate Change Risk Assessment All Communities Aug 26th Yes
0000003604 INF Triodetic Foundation Upgrades Fort Providence, Fort Resolution Aug 26th Yes
0000003586 HSS Two Photocopiers Inuvik Aug 26th Yes
0000003461 INF ESA and Geotechnical Investigation - Colville Lake Colville Lake Aug 23rd Yes
0000003599 INF Sahtu Schools Recomissioning Project Fort Good Hope, Tulita Aug 23rd Yes
0000003518 INF Office and Program Space Accommodations - ECE Yellowknife Aug 22nd Yes
0000003601 LANDS Public Education Messaging for Recreational Use Dettah, Yellowknife Aug 22nd Yes
0000003551 INF YK Computer Data Cntr Fire Alarm - Design Yellowknife Aug 21st Yes
0000003558 INF Building Maintenance Services - Tulita Tulita Aug 20th Yes
0000003485 STHA Inuvik Territorial Children and Youth Group Home Inuvik Aug 20th Yes
0000003468 INF Transportation of Liquor Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Hay River, Inuvik, Norman Wells, Yellowknife Aug 20th Yes
0000003608 JUS Air Charter: Ulukhaktok & Aklavik Inuvik Aug 15th Yes
0000003459 INF Gravel Haul 2019 Enterprise, Hay River, Kakisa Aug 15th Yes
0000003113 INF Non-Exclusive SOA - MVH - EA Norman Wells, Tulita, Wrigley Aug 13th Yes
0000003536 INF Water & Sewer Services - Tsiigehtchic Marine Base Tsiigehtchic Aug 13th Yes
0000003444 YHSSA Boarding Home Services in Edmonton, Alberta All Communities Aug 9th Yes
0000003505 INF Consulting Services-HBMA &Demolition Specification Norman Wells Aug 9th Yes
0000003537 FIN Multi-Functional Colour Photocopier Yellowknife Aug 9th
0000003213 LANDS Approach to Land Use Planning Southeastern NWT Dettah, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Hay River, Lutsel K'e, Yellowknife Aug 7th Yes
0000003521 NWTHC Building Demolition - Tulita Tulita Aug 6th
0000003524 NWTHC Site Preparation - Tulita Tulita Aug 6th
0000003261 HSS Supply & Install Comms Systems - Ft. Simpson Fort Simpson Aug 2nd Yes
0000003423 INF NWT Biofuels Study Yellowknife Jul 31st Yes
0000003265 ECE Data Management Tracking Software Yellowknife Jul 24th Yes
PM20001 YK1 Interior Painting - Nordic Arms Yellowknife Jul 24th

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