Please note that contract categories are only publicized in the Contracts Over $5,000 Reports published at the end of each fiscal year. Information on contracts listed by category is delayed pending the release of these reports.

Total Records: 11

Procurement Number Buyer Title Procurement Process

Fiscal Year 2008-09

PO413216 PWS Electric Boiler Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2007-08

PO406429 PWS Water & Sewage Pipes & Misc Parts Request for Tenders
PO406854* PWS Pipes - Insulated Sole Source procurement

Fiscal Year 2006-07

PM004597* LEG Replace Boilers Sole Source procurement
PO900527 PWS Supply of HDPE Insulated Pipe Request for Tenders
PO404881 PWS 4 grinder pumps with stands for the Inuvik hospital Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2005-06

PO746387 PWS Pumps Tender
PO900447 PWS Highways Water Line Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2004-05

PO900097* PWS Flyght Pump Sole Source procurement
PO745535 PWS Alldos Pumps Request for Tenders
PO746190 PWS Various Replacement Parts - Plumbing/Heating - Inuvik Regional Hospital Request for Tenders

* Non-competitive tenders are not posted to the GNWT's eProcurement system. The included tender information has been gathered from published Contract reports.

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