Please note that contract categories are only publicized in the Contracts Over $5,000 Reports published at the end of each fiscal year. Information on contracts listed by category is delayed pending the release of these reports.

Total Records: 51

Procurement Number Buyer Title Procurement Process

Fiscal Year 2014-15

SC442740 PWS Fort Good Hope RCMP G047 Trailer Renovation & Repair Request for Tenders
SC795121* ECE Tenant Improvements Sole Source
PO446454* PWS Workstations, Dismantle and Re-assemble Procurement under existing Standing Offer
SC795112* DOT Remove and Replace Floor Tile Sole Source
SC795114* DOT Renovation of Gate 4 Area YZF Sole Source

Fiscal Year 2013-14

CT101327 PWS Fort Simpson ECE Base Building Upgrades Request for Tenders
PM016731* DAAIR Minor Office Renovations Sole Source
PM015157* HR Minor Office Renovations - YK-6 Sole Source
SC436058* PWS Office Renos - Mack Travel Bldg - DOT Su Sole Source
SC436197* PWS Office Renovations - Human Resources - F Sole Source

Fiscal Year 2012-13

PM014242 JUS (PO 432563) - Commercial Conveyor Dishwasher Request for Tenders
SC431751* MACA Emergency Repairs and Clean up Sole Source
SC794227 PWS Charles Yohin School Exterior & Interior Upgrades Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2011-12

CT101070 PWS 4 Mile Tower Foundation Retrofit Request for Tenders
SC428312 PWS Renovations Aurora College Housing Units Request for Tenders
SC426463 PWS 3 College house exterior retrofits Request for Tenders
CT101075 PWS Remediation to Stanton Hospital Penthous Request for Tenders
SC793874* DOT Kitchen Renovations Sole Source
PM013792* HSS Infection Control Services Procurement under existing Standing Offer
PM013792* HSS Infection Control Services Procurement under existing Standing Offer

Fiscal Year 2010-11

PM010168* HR Reno's to YK-6 Sole Source
PM011146* JUS (2010-YK-093) Renovation to CH-5 - Commu Sole Source
SC793045 PWS Lab/Office/Warehouse Interior Renovations Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2009-10

PM008026 ITI McKinnon Park Gazebo Repair Request for Tenders
PM010407* JUS Renovation to 5th Floor Courthouse Sole Source
PM010409* JUS Renovation to Judges Offices Sole Source
PM010447* JUS YK Courthouse, Court Room 5 Renovation Sole Source
PM008108* STHA Mould Removal & Resoration Ref# SC10112 Sole Source
SC792687 DOT Airport Renovation Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2008-09

PM008780* ECE Renovations and Gallery Planning Sole Source
PM008781* ECE Renovations and Gallery Planning Sole Source
PM008784* ECE Renovation - Chief Sunrise School Sole Source
SC357181* PWS Replace Stack Insulation Sole Source
SC357179 PWS Suppy & Install Doors Request for Tenders
SC792213 PWS E&NR Main Office Upgrade Request for Tenders
SC357180* PWS Supply & Install Shingles Sole Source
SC791908* DOT Building Alterations Sole Source
SC792158* DOT Upgrade to the Building Controls, Norman Sole Source

Fiscal Year 2007-08

SC791743 DOT Yellowknife Air Terminal Building Renovations Request for Tenders
SC791715* DOT Move the EOC (Emergency Operations Centr Sole Source

Fiscal Year 2006-07

PM004519* ENR Office Renovations Sole Source
PM004181 NWTHC Labour Only Request for Tenders
SC791065 DOT Airport Steps Tender

Fiscal Year 2005-06

SC790753 PWS Young Offenders Shower Enclosure Upgrade Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2004-05

PM001635* NWTHC Repair to existing unit Sole Source
SC383095* PWS General Maintenance Services Sole Source
SC383097* PWS Wekweti Custodial/ Maintenance Services Sole Source
SC383091* PWS General Maintenance Services Sole Source
SC780083 PWS RWED Lab Renovation Request for Tenders
PM001383* RWED Moving Expenses Sole Source
SC383360* DOT Toilet and Tile Fixtures in Ladies & Men Procurement under existing Standing Offer

* Non-competitive tenders are not posted to the GNWT's eProcurement system. The included tender information has been gathered from published Contract reports.

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