2011-2012 Labour only Emergency Repair Program Client#4719

Event/Procurement ID: PM012883


Remove the existing furnance and existing chimney. Install new forced air oil furnance complete with chimney. Modify existing duct work to accomodate the new furnance. Upon completion, ensure furnance is running and the oil tank installation is operating as inteneded. Remove all construction debris and wooden crates to an approves land fill site.


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Submitted Bid Information
Bidder Status Bid Price NWT Adjustment NWT/Local Adjustment Adjusted Bid Price Contract Price
Green Tree Enterprises Ltd. $9,450.00 -- $9,450.00 $7,560.00 --
TDJ Mechanical Heating Repairs Limited Successful $4,850.00 -- $4,850.00 $3,880.00 $4,850.00

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