Interior/ Exterior Renovations, SSE, Unit 55, Lot 186/185, Plan 3520 Tulita, NT

Event/Procurement ID: PM017136


Scope of work to include but not limited to replacing back steps and landings, replacing interior hollow core doors complete with new jamb, passage sets for bedrooms & utility and privacy for bathroom, service furnace and water heater, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, tub suround, sinks, supply lines, shut off valves, window replacement, fridge, range & range hood replacement, floorin...


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Submitted Bid Information
Bidder Status Bid Price NWT Adjustment NWT/Local Adjustment Adjusted Bid Price Contract Price
Northbound Contractors Ltd. $136,760.00 $32,400.00 $51,600.00 $121,580.00 --
Stewart Heating & Repair Inc $97,950.00 $23,100.00 $74,650.00 $79,555.00 --
Whiponic Wellputer Ltd. $172,700.00 $163,700.00 $9,000.00 $146,345.00 --

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