Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated (PHC) Soils at Rae, NT.

Event/Procurement ID: CT100035


Construction of a clay lined "landfarm" from estimated 4000 cubic meters of clay from borrow source to the Rae Solid Waste Facility (SWF). Excavation and transport to landfarm of estimated 2500 cubic meters of PHC soils. Supply and install estimated 2500 cubic meters backfilling soils from borrow source to PHC Site. Supply security, safety fence and complete work by October 15, 2004.


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Submitted Bid Information
Bidder Status Bid Price NWT Adjustment NWT/Local Adjustment Adjusted Bid Price Contract Price
851791 NWT Ltd. Successful $133,450.00 $133,450.00 -- $113,432.50 $133,450.00
Arny's Construction Ltd. $155,655.00 -- $155,655.00 $124,524.00 --
Nishi-Khon Freeway Inc. $169,500.00 -- $149,500.00 $139,600.00 --
Stan Dean & Sons Ltd. $198,576.00 $198,576.00 -- $168,789.60 --
Weatherby Trucking Ltd. $205,030.00 -- -- $205,030.00 --

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