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What Is This?

Information on Government of the Northwest Territories procurements (contracts to the rest of us) can be hard to come by. We've compiled all of the available public information including open contracts and historical information into one place to make it easier for you to use.

We've built a database of all government contracts and bids for you to easily browse and search. For more information about this project take a look at the About link.

  • 328 RFPs/Tenders/Standing Offer Agreements have been issued in 2018, receiving 166 bids.
  • Of the 31,324 contracts of all types that have been issued since 2004, 19,379 were competitive receiving 42,454 bids.
  • 25% of all competitive processes have closed on a Friday.
  • * Note: All stats are based on posted information, in some cases complete data may not have been publicly released.

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