Below you will find two sections of reports:

You will note minor differences related to contract or business names where information has been cross referenced with the Contract Registry website.

If you have suggestions about other reports, or a need for specific data, please contact us.

Sample Reports

These reports have been prepared as an example of how the information from the officially published reports can be looked at in ways beyond the original reports.

1. Procurements with Change Orders +/- 30%

2. Value of Negotiated Contracts by Business

3. Summary Totals by Procurement Process by Designation and Category

5. Extended Summary of Awards by Business Name

Contracts Over $5,000 Reports (as Published)

These reports mirror the officially produced Contracts Over $5,000 Reports by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment. The original copies of the reports can be found on the Department's website, and on the Legislative Assembly's website. The reports below may be viewed by year, or as all of the existing reports combined.

Please note that the GNWT produces reports approximately 6 months after the end of a fiscal year.

Section 1 - Contract Detail by Department/Agency, by Business Name

Section 2 - Tenders with Adjustments and BIP Premium by Department/Agency by Business

Section 3 - Summary of Awards by Business Name

Section 4 - Contract Detail by Designation and Category

Section 5 - Contract Detail by Designated Local Community

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