Below you will find profiles and two types of reports:

If you have suggestions about other reports, or a need for specific data, please contact us.


We have developed profiles based on purchasing Departments (buyers), procurement categories and suppliers. Information has been gathered based on tenders, contracts, and bids to show an overview for each.

Reports & Visualizations

These reports have been prepared as an example of how the information from the officially published reports can be looked at in ways beyond the original reports.

  1. Procurements with Change Orders > 30%
  2. Value of Negotiated Contracts by Business
  3. Category Summaries by Procurement Process (RFP/RFT/SOA/Sole Source/Negotiated)
  4. Extended Summary of Awards by Business Name

Contracts Reports (as Published)

These reports generally mirror the officially produced Contracts Reports published by the GNWT. Previously, Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment published a Contracts over $5,000 Report, then for two years the report was published a Contracts Over $25,000, and the current iteration is published by the Department of Finance and includes most service contracts over $10,000, and goods contracts over $25,000.

The reports are tabled each year in the Legislative Assembly, but are also available from the GNWT ITI or Finance websites.

You may find minor differences related to contract or business names where information has been cross referenced with more current information.