To view details on any of the below categories, select category from the list. Available information includes contracts released under the category as well as registered BIP suppliers in the category.

Over the years, category names published by the GNWT have changed multiple times. To best display this information in a useful way, we have grouped similar category names (i.e. Ac / Ventiilating Equipment, Air Conditioning/Ventilating Equipment and Air Conditioning/Ventilating Requipment & Supplies). Groupings are based on similar names and seeing when they were used (i.e. one version of the name from 2008 - 2010, another from 2010 - 2012, etc.). This should capture the intent and groupings of the category. If you are looking for hte original information, we store that too so just let us know.

The categories are grouped based on the information on the GNWT's Business Incentive Policy (or BIP) forms. Whenever multiple categories apply to a contract, the GNWT publishes it as "Various" or "Multiple Categories" and we show those separately.