McLennan Ross LLP

301, 5109 - 48 Street, Yellowknife, NT (BP-100126)

Detailed Address Information

Below is information regarding a company's contracts with the GNWT from a specific location/address. In cases where full information has been provided (i.e. BIP registered addresses) that information is included as well.

Last checked: March 14, 2017 6:34 p.m. (MDT) (based on GNWT BIP Registry)

Physical Address

301, 5109 - 48 Street
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 1N5

BIP Details

Community: Yellowknife
Region: North Slave
Effective: Jan. 14, 2011
Type: Majority Non-Resident
ID: BP-100126

BIP Categories:

Contract Summary at this location (approximate)

The year end contract summaries include the business' location. That information is used here to summarize contracting amounts on a per location basis.

Contracting information is only available based on the year end reports, and is then matched to business locations. The information below is not perfect, or without gaps.

Published Contracts

Summary of Total Published Contracts
Type # of Contracts Value of Contracts
Competitive Contracts (Published in Contracts Over $5k Reports) 0 $0
Contracts under Exisiting Standing Offer Agreement 0 $0
Sole Source Contracts 4 $395,527.84
Negotiated Contracts 0 $0

Successful Contract Information from Contracts over $5,000 Report as tabled in the Legislative Assembly
Fiscal Year Dep't Procurement BIP Status Process Type Bidder Location Original Amount Change Amount Actual Contract Amount
2012-13 JUS Legal Services (SC430424) BIPed Sole Source Yellowknife $70,000.00 0 $70,000.00
2011-12 HR Workplace Conflict (SC427984) BIPed Sole Source Yellowknife $20,000.00 1 $18,945.46
2010-11 JUS (SC 425173) NSCC - Corrections Investiga (SC425173) BIPed Sole Source Yellowknife $18,582.38 0 $18,582.38
2010-11 HR Ref #SC424353 - Collective Bargaining - (SC424353) BIPed Sole Source Yellowknife $288,000.00 0 $288,000.00