Please note that contract categories are only publicized in the Contracts Over $5,000 Reports published at the end of each fiscal year. Information on contracts listed by category is delayed pending the release of these reports.

Total Records: 6

Procurement Number Buyer Title Procurement Process

Fiscal Year 2010-11

SC792957 PWS Milton Building Sprinkler System Upgrades Request for Tenders
SC793231 PWS Milton Building Sprinkler Upgrades Phase 2 Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2009-10

PM008812* NWTHC 2009 repairs jimmy eramus centre Sole Source procurement

Fiscal Year 2008-09

SC409442 PWS As and When Sprinkler Inspections and Maintenance Request for Tenders
SC792109 PWS Replacement of Existing Sprinkler System of Charlotte Vehus Group Home, Inuvik Request for Tenders

Fiscal Year 2006-07

SC790794 PWS Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Maintenance Request for Tenders

* Non-competitive tenders are not posted to the GNWT's eProcurement system. The included tender information has been gathered from published Contract reports.

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